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Pictures from Bavaria, 2014


Porto, bw photography, 17.7 cm x 12.7 cm, 2012

Glossy surface of a paper is a boundary between present and past, between here and there, between anxiety and comfort; a door through which you cannot enter or exit. Black and white photography Porto was taken in Portugal in city of Porto. The door in Porto; the door in the Door.



Photography: Matija Brumen and Small but Dangers; Paintings: Small but Dangers, 2012

Photography of the year 2013, 2. price, Emzin Ljubljana, 2013.

Photographs Pictures are dealt as non-multimedia project. That means, that it is not just about photographs. It is about two very different mediums, which are presented in two different ways. If the photography is present in a positive sense, the painting is present in a negative way. The project shows that negative or fictitious presence of photographed object is extremely powerful. Its “speech” is strengthened through an image of an image.


Exhibition of finalists for OHO group Award, Center and gallery P74, Ljubljana 2008

Besides theatre and audio-visual projects, which we produce with analog projectors, we have started to explore the use of these devices in galleries. This time, instead of developing the methods we are already using, we have decided for static, lasting form of photography. We have tried to produce a number of compositions and motives, effect of which is based on dialectical relation between social and personal, physical activity and contemplative observation.

Igor Španjol: Nominees for OHO group award in gallery P74, Ljubljana 2008.