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shadow puppets - Žarnica theatre

Kandelaber/Lamp post

production 2009: C.M.A.K Cerkno; with support: JSKD RS in obèina Cerkno

With the show KANDELABER we are offering an experience of reality that contains many strange elements and at the same time, an experience of imaginative world, where characteristics of real world are continually appearing.

For this purpose we have created a very dynamic show, where five different stories are mixed together (Ödön von Horvath, Vietnamese folk tale, Inuit folk tale, Daniil Harms, Wirginia Woolf). Every one of them is adapted to the concept of the show. Stories are animated on two overhead projectors and two slide projectors, which are used in unconventional way. Besides characteristics of classic shadow puppets, we are using possibility of fast changing of frames and extraordinary visual effects that are offered by technology of analog projectors.

The show is followed by workshop for children.