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Once somewhere a butterfly has flown and then a glass on photography broke. As time passed, the weather used the advantage of human carefree attitude. Humidity has predicted the fatale landslide through a hole in the glass of the photography of Log pod Mangartom at Škofja Loka railway station.

One February night in 2005, we stole the photography, and were caught by the police. The act triggered an avalanche of events, which are uncovering the unfeasible human need to understand and control uncatchable chaos, which master our everyday.



The Earth is flat.

Photographic paper, TV screen, computer monitor and movie screen, where it is shown, are all flat.

The World is small.

Museum, globe and atlas are all smaller, than the world they show. They are attesting it in a reduced scale.

The World stands still.

The world manifested in the media is not rotating. Even when picture is moving, its bearer stands still.

The experience of the evidence material and the media image of the world have prevailed over life experience of rotating and of our limited existence in a big world.






1992, collection of found objects, 2014.


Natura morta

Work in progress/collection of found objects, since 2011.

On the last page of a book, there are three prices written. In contrast to literary content of a book, these prices are concrete. They show that if you want to read between the lines, you need the lines. It is not about a magic, hiding behind the surface. It is about the surface, which makes reading possible.

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